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The Pagid range is built on quality across the board.

Whether it’s our in-house manufacturing, located in Europe and using only the highest quality materials and processes, or our drive to provide the widest range on the market, or our extensive investment in developing tomorrow’s braking innovation;  we’re all about quality.

We’re always keen to hear from Pagid customers; so please do leave a review below to help our continued drive for excellence.

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Hello, guys. Two months ago I had front break pads fitted. No issues so far , very happy! Highly recommended brand!

Mariyan, KendalCumbria

I use Pagid because their products are reliable and well made, never failed me and their prices are 100% reasonable, their brake cleaner is great too.

Cam, Wakefield

Fitted Pagid pads to my car and they are fantastic, only Pagid pads only for me from now on!

Steve, Gwent

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