Why Pagid?

Major car makers invest heavily in developing brakes specifically for each vehicle, to ensure maximum levels of performance, safety and reliability.

Part of the TMD Friction Group and engineered in Germany, Pagid is a development partner to many of the world’s most famous vehicle manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Porsche. So if you drive one of these cars it means there’s a good chance it was fitted with Pagid brakes from new…

Brakes engineered for your car

Whilst brake friction components (brake pads and shoes) have to meet European safety standards, these regulations allow manufacturers a wide tolerance. Pagid brake pads are developed to meet the highest quality standards and, in stark contrast to many other brands, they are subjected to thousands of miles of rigorous on-vehicle testing before being approved for release.

A comprehensive range

As well as brake pads, the Pagid range includes brake discs, shoes, drums, hydraulic cylinders and brake fluids – in fact almost every component of the braking system. And with parts to fit more than 98% of vehicles on UK roads, you can be fairly sure that the Pagid range has your car covered.

Be aware of fake brakes

Counterfeit brakes are an increasingly widespread and dangerous problem for car users. In order to protect yourself, always ask your garage for details of the brakes they are fitting for you and insist on a recognised brand. There are some simple rules to follow if you intend to buy or fit brakes yourself:

  • Check that the brand name is spelled correctly, and is the right style – if it looks wrong, don’t accept it. Look at the website for the brands and consult an authorised distributor.
  • If a product is much cheaper than usual, and out of line with comparative brands, it’s probably too good to be true – check it in detail.
  • Where branded product is presented in plain or ‘wrong’ packaging, check contents carefully. Without a clear explanation from your supplier, don’t buy it.
  • If you have any doubts, contact the manufacturer directly or your local authorised distributor/main dealer.