Sitting alongside our brake pad and brake disc range is our line of brake calipers.

A caliper is part of the essential makeup when creating an effective disc-brake system on vehicles, providing secure housing of the all-important brake pads and pistons.

Each brake caliper by Pagid has been designed specifically within the original manufacturer guidelines, making sure your customers experience excellent braking performance each time they use their brakes.

Pagid takes a holistic view to brake system development, which involves unprecedented reach and development, making sure our calipers are perfectly suited to the rest of the braking set-up. As a result, Pagid brake calipers are 100% pressure tested prior to leaving the factory and are pre filled with brake fluid out of the box for ease of fitment.


The brake caliper plays a pivotal role in the disc-brake system of vehicles, acting as the central housing for the indispensable brake pads and pistons. Its function is to apply the necessary force to the brake pads, allowing them to create friction against the brake discs, thereby slowing or stopping the vehicle.

Pagid meticulously crafts each brake caliper in strict alignment with original manufacturer guidelines. This dedication to precision ensures that every caliper upholds the highest standards of performance and safety. Furthermore, every Pagid brake caliper undergoes a rigorous 100% pressure test before leaving the factory, guaranteeing its reliability and effectiveness.

Pagid believes in delivering products that simplify the user experience. By pre-filling their brake calipers with brake fluid, Pagid ensures a smoother and more efficient installation process, allowing for immediate and optimal brake system functionality right out of the box.

Pagid’s holistic approach to brake system development ensures that their calipers are impeccably tailored to complement the entire braking setup. By designing calipers that are perfectly suited to the brake pads and discs, Pagid guarantees a harmonized system that delivers exceptional braking performance every time.

While brake calipers are designed for durability, their longevity can be influenced by various factors, including driving conditions and maintenance practices. It’s paramount to regularly inspect brake calipers for signs of wear or damage. Pagid recommends consulting with a professional mechanic or technician to assess the condition of your calipers and determine the appropriate time for replacement, ensuring consistent and safe braking performance.


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