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Pagid supplies a wide range of high quality brake shoes to fit all major car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Ensuring secure and reliable carrying of the brake linings when used on a drum brake system, our brake shoes maintain our high-quality OE ethos.

All Pagid brake shoes conform to the Regulation 90 European Legislation, ensure safe vehicle braking and enhanced stopping power.

One key function of the Pagid Brake Shoe range is not just the performance and quality, but ease of fitment too. We know that time is money in the garage environment, but that also brakes are crucial to your customers safety.

When using Pagid Brake Drums, the ideal match is a Pagid Brake Shoe, the two working in harmony to provide enhanced safety.


Brake drums are a popular choice of brake system for the rear of many cars. Consequently, it is imperative to make sure all brake drums are fitted to the highest standard.

The entire Pagid brake drum range is created in accordance to the original equipment manufacturer castings and designs. They are produced with the highest levels of tensile strength to improve heat resistance, providing exemplary braking performance and unparalleled wear levels.

It all adds together to create class-leading stopping power, improved safety standards for road-going vehicles and making sure every drive is comfortable and secure.


Pagid’s brake shoes are meticulously designed to securely and reliably carry the brake linings in a drum brake system. Adhering to our high-quality OE ethos, these brake shoes ensure that the brake linings are optimally positioned to provide effective braking when engaged with the brake drum.

Safety is paramount at Pagid. All our brake shoes strictly conform to the Regulation 90 European Legislation, a testament to our commitment to ensuring safe vehicle braking and delivering enhanced stopping power. This ensures that every brake shoe from Pagid meets the highest safety and performance benchmarks.

Beyond performance and quality, Pagid places a significant emphasis on the ease of fitment. Recognizing the value of time in a garage setting and the critical nature of brakes to customer safety, our brake shoes are designed for straightforward and efficient installation, ensuring both safety and time-efficiency.

Brake drums, especially those from Pagid, are a favored brake system for the rear of numerous cars due to their design and performance. Every brake drum in the Pagid range is crafted in alignment with original equipment manufacturer castings and designs. With enhanced tensile strength, our brake drums offer superior heat resistance, leading to exceptional braking performance and unmatched wear levels.

For optimal braking performance, pairing Pagid Brake Drums with Pagid Brake Shoes is recommended. These components are meticulously designed to work in perfect harmony, ensuring enhanced safety. Together, they offer class-leading stopping power, elevating safety standards for vehicles on the road and guaranteeing a comfortable and secure driving experience.


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