We are so confident Pagid brake pads and discs are built to the highest of standards, that we provide our unique 25/25 Guarantee.

The 25/25 Guarantee applies to all Pagid brake pads and brake discs when purchased through Euro Car Parts. It guarantees against defects in materials or manufacturing for 25 months or 25,000 miles, whichever arrives first.

With Pagid brake parts built to exacting original equipment (OE) standards and from the global leader in brake friction technology, you would expect nothing less than the best.

Our 25/25 Guarantee is further evidence that Pagid brake parts are safe, durable and ideal for your or your customer’s vehicles.

25/25 adds extra peace of mind every time Pagid brake pads or discs are fitted.*

*Pagid 25/25 warranty also covers Brake Drums & Shoes, ABS & Wear Sensors, Fitting Kits, Cables & Hoses
**Pagid Brake Calipers are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Please note there is no longer any requirement to register your purchases to obtain the 25/25 warranty.

Please keep your receipt/invoice as proof of purchase/date of purchase, this can be used in the event of any claim.